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Search engine for victims of the Spanish Civil War and the Franco dictatorship in Jaén province


The Spanish Civil War in Jaén

The period between 1936 and 1939 is not only a page in contemporary Spanish history, but also represents a terrible tragedy that set its mark on the present and future of Spain.

This website was created in response to a growing demand for information on a historical period tinged by darkness and censorship. Having overcome the legal protection provided by the Archives Bill (Ley de Archivos), it is now necessary to study and shed some light on the real magnitude of the historical events that took place in Jaén province.

This website offers a digital census of victims with information on around 6,000 people of both sides who died violent deaths in Jaén province. The author has compiled this census after almost five years of research in which practically all available public archives have been consulted.

Despite the extent of this study, the list is not definitive, as it does not include victims who were not registered in documentary sources and who are not listed as dead or missing or people from Jaén province who were killed elsewhere and whose identity is unknown.

Making this census of victims available to people from other countries through the Internet will facilitate the work of descendents seeking information on their missing relatives, especially given the fact that thousands of people suffered separation when members of their families went into exile to countries such as France, Mexico, Chile, Argentina or Russia, among others. This information will therefore be of particular use for relatives of victims belonging to the Republican side who suffered prolonged silence during the years of the dictatorship and a large part of the period of democratic transition due to repression and the fear of touching a spiny subject.

This website is more than just a list of victims. Without wishing to open old wounds, it also aims to be a rigorous and useful instrument for the debate and study of this fascinating historical period. It therefore includes graphics and statistics (which are constantly updated), biographies, photographs, lists, maps, bibliography, collaborations, new information, etc.

In awareness of the fact that the history of the Spanish Civil War is more than the contents of legal documents and archives, the participation of users is highly important in order to correct errors and receive suggestions, testimonies and photographs and so create a digital document of general interest.


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